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This blog is about who am I am. I have begun writing here as a way to share my feelings, thoughts, emotions and my perspective on life.....

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In the Rain....Burnt with Desire

For each desired kiss
For all the time spent
For all the seconds took to give you a look
and having not said all I still have to say

You played your part so well
A modern romeo
You came not on Cupid's wings
but like the comforting wind and then you flew away

When you touched my face
When you called my name
I burned with desire

For every sleepless night till morning light
Forever in your arms, lost in their charms
For every hour spent, my heart yearns to vent
Lost in your reverie

You didn’t break your promises, you saw me again
No blame and no regrets, you burned the bridges between us too
And now we are in an endless mystery, So beautiful
that I wait to be burnt in my desire
And for you leave me in the rain.....


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  2. I've read all the poems on your blog. What you feel clearly exudes through the words used in each ... the love you express is deeply rooted ... But the I wonder why does Pari Sambasivan not stand by the single line at the top of his blog ... the line that says - "This blog is about who I am". I'd like to see more poems about you ... unless you believe your love affairs define you... which I think is untrue. That's what I'm looking forward to - Poems about you...